【Story】Sugarcubs Unboxing


Hello, DokiDoki fans!💖

This is the 1st blog of DokiDoki's story! Yayyyy 👏🌻

In this section, we will show you various stories related to our product, cute stuff, review from a customer, behind the scene stories, and also about Japan's cute-kawaii culture!

For our first blog, we would like to show you a review from one of our customer, Cesar, who made an unboxing video of our product "Sugarcubs plush doll!!!" 🤩🐻💓

It is so good so we want to share it with you guys ~ !!!

How about it everyone? for us, we really enjoy watching him unboxing! 😚
Even though the delivery was delayed due to COVID-19, but we are happy that Cesar safely got the package and loves our product! (also, thank you so much for the video! 💓)

Is there anyone, who also love DokiDoki feelings (exciting feelings) when unboxing stuff?
It made us feel like open a birthday present right!? 🐣

If you want a little cute doll just like he has, please hurry and purchase it here!


since it is a limited product~ if you don't hurry, it will be sold out really soon!😢 


For the customer who bought our products. We're waiting for your stories and reviews! if you have a touching, funny, or interesting story about the product you got, please tell us!

See you next time! 



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