【Story】SugarCubs New goods~ !!!Digital Content!!!



Hello again!
How was your day guys?
Today we're going to introduce you to our new product of SugarCubs.
Which are Headbands, Stickers, and Postcard~~
Come with 4 sets, SP,A,B and C!
Starts from to 14$ to 99$!


For more information and to buy, please click here

Best Lovely Gifts, SugarCubs Headbands: SugarCubs Headband is adorable, useful, and elastic.
Besides, there are 2 types(Mocha&Latte) to choose from! SugarCubs Headband is for you

The charming point is it SUPER SOFT because it is made of super-soft textiles! which provides comfort on your head while wearing.
The headband does a great job of keeping your hair out of your face. You can use it before washing your face, doing makeup or even wear as a fashion accessory!
We don't have any plan to produce it again so...
Please get all the items before it is sold out!!
Last but not least!
To thank our fan who loves our product,
we have a digital file for you to download for free!!!

There are Icon and wallpaper! 



Wallpaper for Iphone user


Wallpaper for Android User

 For those who bought the product, we still waiting for your review!

Also, if you have any story about the product/our character you want to share with us on the website, please tell us! 

DokiDoki Market staff will update news about the product and interesting story from the customer through DokiDoki-Market website. 

So please come and check often!


Have a nice day! See you next time 

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