【Story】Staff's Favorite Item<3

Hi everyone! How are you!?!?!☺️ ❤️✨

Our DokiDoki staff is doing great! we are working hard as usual~ 
(sadly, It's already September but the weather is still hot here in Japan...🔥)

It's been a while since the staff comes to the office because we are normally working from home (we really hope that  COVID-19 will ends soon!!!! ) 

while we're greeting, there was something caught my eyes!💕

one of the staff uses our product and that really suits her!! ✨👍

That product is 


it is very simple but cute!!

to make it look cuter, she also attached the pin badge to the bag!!✨

It is so cute that I want to try~💕


This bag really goes well with many styles & any dress code!!

It is also big enough to carry a lot of things~~~!👍

It would be a good idea to use this bag many times since it can wash!🌿

really 'eco-friendly' ❤️

I should hurry and buy it for myself too!!! 💕

If you are interested to buy a bag, you can buy it from here! ✨


and it's on sale too!!!  only $13.95 

hurry buy it before it sold out!!! 


💕Hope you have a nice day!💕

DokiDoki Market Team


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